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Growtube 64 – Stepping Up Your Grow Game

What’s up everyone!! This week’s show is focused on the intermediate gardener and the various steps they can take to step up their garden game to the next level to help improve quality and yields. This is a fairly open ended topic and can lead in many directions. With all the new faces, I’m excited […]

Growtube 63 – Flushing

What’s up everyone!! We’re back this week with another great topic!!! Previously we covered different harvesting techniques, but we never really covered how or when to Flush, why it’s so important, and even more importantly than that, WHEN to harvest!!!! This should prove to be a pretty engaging episode!!! (Visited 671 times, 1 visits today)

Growtube 62 – Grow Question Special

It’s cup weekend and some panel members are down at the SoCal Harvest Cup, but fear not!!! We have some guest panelists joining us this week and we’re going to tackle a bunch of your viewer submitted grower questions!!! (Visited 302 times, 1 visits today)

Growtube 61 – Strain Lineage

This week we are diving down into the rabbit hole a little bit… Lets fire up a fattie and discuss the lineage of some of the more popular strains you know and love and talk about where they actually came from and how we’ve gotten to the Polyhybrids we have today. (Visited 287 times, 1 […]

Growtube 60 – Preserving Genetics

This week we are going to covering a topic that is often overlooked in the garden. How do you preserve your genetics? is cloning the only way? What if you didn’t plan ahead??? No worries, on tonight’s show we got you covered!!! We will touch on many various aspects on how to keep your genetics […]

Growtube 59 – Cannabis Concentrates 101

It’s finally here, one of the most requested topics!!! It’s harvest season and everyone wants to know what to do with all of their trim!!! Well, in this weeks discussion we will cover all the various types of concentrates, what their benefits are, and probably dive a little deeper into some extraction discussions around Rosin, […]

Growtube 58 – Harvesting Cannabis

Well we are smack dab in the middle of harvest season here int he states so what a great time to discuss all the various types of harvesting techniques. We will cover lots of surrounding aspects of harvesting and the conversation will probably lead to many places like trim styles and maybe even curing styles. […]

Growtube 57 – How to Grow Cannabis with LED Lighting

In this weeks topic we will be discussing the techniques to take into consideration when switching from HPS over to a High Efficiency LED light. What do we mean by High Efficiency? We’re talking about LED lights with an efficacy of 1.8 Micro Moles per Joule or higher! There are a lot of things to […]
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